Sandhed fra gaderne



Jeg tilføjede lidt af nedenstående ultimative sandheder fra The Streets i min citatsamling den anden dag, men til de af jer, der er så musikalsk handikappede, at I ikke lytter til The Streets på daglig basis, kommer her lidt tanker, som jeg også har tumlet med i et stykke tid. Og hvis både Mike Skinner og jeg mener, at det hænger sådan sammen … så er det fakta:

War of the Sexes i dream that one day i’ll have a child and that child will say to me dad what was war? but it’s not going to happen it’s a war of the sexes never get it blurred i beg that you learn, cos she’s cleverer how attracted to you she is, is partly your gab but it’s multiplied by how little of you she can have oi, the reason girls flirt is to work out their worth whereas the men just hanker for panky to happen retain this fact i’m hammering this fact is gonna matter what little you think you’re letting by her slide she senses you near her and smells your desire the general rule of mine, her intellect will be higher your task is to make her notice you fast but hanker when you don’t close in after she knows she can get most dudes though she mustn’t know about you if you screw this all bent and lose all your cool that’s when she ends up liking you as a friend you’re not playing hard to get you’re playing at not getting a hard on yet [it’s a war of the sexes…] the answer is to get close enough to her but listen the next thing you totally blank her you think i’m fucking mad, don’t ya but i don’t shag on my own get somewhere close to the lamb glance at her but turn to the man you do need to be near the lamb but she doesn’t wanna feel cramped instead of cowering up to her hostile lamb bowl up to the trusting man it’s much easier talking to him he doesn’t suspect you want anything just tell him something like did you know cigarette lighters were invented before matches? it’s abc making a he break with glee cos he isn’t suspicious you’re trying to muscle into his mrs [it’s a war of the sexes…] the woman is a highly, socially, practised master in body language dab handed actress she’s calculating all of the the mad facts and the figures while you’re pretending to listen staring at her tits [it’s a war of the sexes…] [it’s a war of the sexes…] elementary, my dear cousin, elementary i cannot state this enough she must not clock you’ll flop you can’t placard your march you’re through if she clues your moves or your colluding well weapon [it’s a war of the sexes…] and remember not to get hammered either cos people who get hammered, don’t get to nail

Read and learn … gals

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