Author name: René C. Nielsen

Sociologist, social designer, and social change consultant usually dabbling with some combination of social innovation, strategy, computational social science, and systems thinking.

Climbing Mount Everest

A colleague and I have both been researching Mount Everest Base Camp treks lately. Mount Everest, or Sagarmāthā in Nepali, is the tallest mountain on earth. With a peak at  8,848 m (~29,000 feet) its top is further away from sea level than any other place on earth. That’s all well and good, of course. But exactly how

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Hashtag Musings

I read a lot of tweets. No, really. A lot. No no no, you don’t hear me properly. Really. A. Lot. Not that I ever get to read the avalanche of tweets entering my stream, although I do go through it cursory somewhat daily. I even occasionally write something myself. But mainly, I analyse tweets.

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China Explained

If you have any interest in the history and politics of China (you should), the Reuters Connected China app is absolutely amazing. It’s basically a bunch of very well-annotated interactive data visualizations combined with a beautiful China 101. Divided into 5 areas, the social power visualization is particularly interesting, and it is easy to see

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Nyt job

Jeg havde egentlig tænkt mig at skrive dette indlæg i august 2012, da jeg efter 5 forrygende og lærerige år stoppede i Advice Digital og startede som “Internal Communication/Knowledge Management Analyst” hos FN’s befolkningsfond, UNFPA. Jeg arbejdede der i 5 måneder, men fik aldrig skrevet om det. Nu arbejder jeg i stedet som “Big Data

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Jeg abonnerer på en del udviklingsnyheder. De fleste via feeds direkte ind i Google Reader og dermed også ind i tre af mine absolutte yndlings-apps, Feedly (web+iPad+Android), Flipboard (iPad+Android) og Reeder (Mac+iPad). Og selvfølgelig via Twitter, hvor jeg – udover at følge en del – også har lavet to lister, Aid & Development og UN. Men

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