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Duffman Jeg er Duffman! Hvilken person fra Simpsons er du?

By René Clausen Nielsen

I'm pretty much in love with a data. Or, the knowledge we can extract from it. Or, rather, the better decisions that can be made based on said knowledge.

I hold a M.Sc in Sociology a MA in Historical Social Enquiry (Social History + Historical Sociology + Global Development), and work as Information Management Lead at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. I guess you can call me a Computational Sociologist of Global Development and Humanitarian Action. No less.

That's pretty much it, really.

4 replies on “Øøøøøøøøøøl”

You are Nelson!!
You’re damn mean, but you love it. Being big for your age, you use your power to execute malicious acts to create suffering. You gleefully laugh at others misfortune.
Jeg tror altså, at der er noget i vejen med de tests. Det her kan da ikke være rigtig!!?

Hvis jeg absolut skal være ovre i den kategori, vil jeg da hellere være Mr Burns – ond OG rig – hvilken enestående kombination 🙂

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