Taxonomy Exploration with Infomous

So, I’m working on a social media data mining project with UN Global Pulse about the Post-2015 process, and wanted a quick look at regularly used words in combination with the debate taking place. The project I’m working on is basically a supplement to the global survey taking place now called MY World (please do participate), and the UN initiated discussions taking place around the world and on World We Want.

Anyway, while researching for a good taxonomy, an insight- and helpful colleague re-reminded me of Infomous, and this blog post is basically just to let the world know that it has been a good encounter. It’s very easy to work with, and although it’s a bit noisy and rough around the edges, the drill-down capabilities have really helped inform the taxonomy I’m working on.

Here’s one visualization based on a very simple search on the different variations of “Post-2015” on Google News, Google Blog Search, and Twitter:

From the Infomous FAQ:

  • The size of each word reflects the frequency with which it appears in the source.
  • If you click on a word, a drop down list appears with links to articles that are related to the specific word. The drop-down will also appear if your mouse lingers over a word. By clicking on a link in the list, you will navigate to that specific article.
  • Topics become linked when they are mentioned in the same context or discussed together multiple times. Related terms and concepts are linked together with lines so you can grasp the context of any relevant topic.
  • The words in the Infomous cloud are organized in groups of related words. This provides you with a quick glimpse of which topics belong together in conceptual clusters.

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