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De forskellige personlighedstests rundt omkring er dybest set fyldt med regulær nonsens og føren-bag-lyset. Med The Oracle of Starbucks er det imidlertid anderledes. Ved blot at angive hvad man drikker på Starbucks, kan den fortælle hvilken personlighedstype man er. Og den rammer plet. Jeg blev fx “Asshat,” og det kan der jo ikke herske tvivl om. Beskrivelsen af mig er også spot-on:

You carry around philosophy books you haven’t read and wear trendy wire-rimmed glasses even though you have perfect vision. You’ve probably added an accent to your name or changed the pronunciation to seem sophisticated. You hang out in coffee shops because you don’t have a job because you got your degree in French Poetry. People who drink grande americano are notorious for spouting off angry, liberal opinions about issues they don’t understand. Also drinks: Any drink with a foreign name Can also be found at: The other, locally owned coffee shop you claim to like better

Det af det, der ikke passer, kunne nemt have passet. Og sådan noget.

By René Clausen Nielsen

I'm pretty much in love with a data. Or, the knowledge we can extract from it. Or, rather, the better decisions that can be made based on said knowledge.

I hold a M.Sc in Sociology a MA in Historical Social Enquiry (Social History + Historical Sociology + Global Development), and work as Information Management Lead at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. I guess you can call me a Computational Sociologist of Global Development and Humanitarian Action. No less.

That's pretty much it, really.