Bauman om krigen mod terror

Den mand er altså stadig afsindig skarp:

There will be a spate of brand new security measures designed and promptly put in place, new spying techniques developed and supported by newly produced technical devices, and “new and improved” regime of airport checks and searches introduced. To pay for all and each of those measures, new commissions will fill the order books of security companies, while new holes will be burrowed in state budgets as well as in the funds earmarked to meet urgent social, cultural and educational needs of the nations. Two “highly sophisticated” bombs have been intercepted. To seize the uncounted and uncountable numbers of their not-yet-produced replicas, millions of new “yet more highly sophisticated” contraptions and thousands of their operators will be needed. As always since the discovery of the self-beefing up escalation of security expenditures that is now proving to be the most seminal and lasting heritage of the cold war, the stables will be overhauled at a cost dwarfing the price of the horse(s) that bolted.

Husk at læse det hele.

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