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  • At least 55 Syrians dislike death

    At least 55 Syrians dislike death

    I hadn’t seen this poll before, but it seems a YouGov Siraj internet poll has journalists from a range of otherwise respectable media outlets misinterpret data once again. The BBC writes, More than 1,000 people from 18 countries in the Middle East responded to YouGov Siraj‘s internet poll question: “In your opinion, should Syria’s President…

  • Paul Conneally: Digital humanitarianism

    Along the same lines as what UN Global Pulse is all about, Paul Conneally (then of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, now he’s with the UN’s ICT agency, ITU) in this TED Talk stresses that new data is of immense value in early warning, crisis management, and relief efforts.…

  • Which NGO’s Rule Social Media

    Craig (the one of Craigslist) has a social good blog called craigconnects which is definitely worth a read. The other day he posted a cool infographic on “Who Rules Social Media“. Animal lovers and environmentalists really do talk a lot, don’t they.

  • Republican Candidates’ Topics

    Republican Candidates’ Topics

    Periscopic has a pretty great visualization of the Republican Candidates’ topics during the debates. Obviously there were a lot of interesting topics during the one in Rochester, Michigan, yesterday, but in Las Vegas, Nevada, about a month ago, they touched the subject of Foreign Aid.

  • Stephanie Posavec – the noncoding data designer

    Nice video interview with the brilliant Stephanie Posavec. She tells us that she actually doesn’t code and that she draws a lot more than most other data designers.

  • Best statistics question ever

    Nathan Yau over at FlowingData is absolutely correct. This is the best statistics question ever. Right now, Nathan’s post has 721 comments. That’s after only two weeks. To that you can add the 217 comments on Raymond Johnson’s original post on Google+. A post that has also generated 1,449 shares – undoubtedly with a loooot of…

  • The Global Food Crisis Mapped

    As part of their Grow campaign, Oxfam have just released the map below, which shows the “Food price pressure points”. When looking closer, you can also see how dependent the worst off countries are on imports for food consumption. Although not necessarily the most informative graphics, they do carry a story, and they are visually pleasing. Good job, Oxfam!

  • Hans Rosling and Augmented Reality

    “I kid you not, statistics is now the sexiest subject on the planet” Hans Rosling. Hans Rosling, known by many from his TED Talks, is working with BBC to present the development of the world via augmented reality. He takes a look at average expected life expectancy and average personal income though the last 200 years. That’s…

  • Amanda Cox on the Use of R at The New York Times