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At least 55 Syrians dislike death

I hadn’t seen this poll before, but it seems a YouGov Siraj internet poll has journalists from a range of otherwise respectable media outlets misinterpret data once again.

The BBC writes,

More than 1,000 people from 18 countries in the Middle East responded to YouGov Siraj‘s internet poll question: “In your opinion, should Syria’s President Assad resign?”

  • 81% of answered Yes
  • 55% of respondents in Syria said they thought the president should stay


  • Only 98 respondents were actually from Syria
  • Only 18% of people in Syria have access to the internet

In other words, 55 people in a vastly biased internet poll answered that they don’t think that the despot whose intelligence quite probably monitors every move of the citizens’ internet usage should resign. That’s simply not close to being news.

By René Clausen Nielsen

I'm pretty much in love with a data. Or, the knowledge we can extract from it. Or, rather, the better decisions that can be made based on said knowledge.

I hold a M.Sc in Sociology a MA in Historical Social Enquiry (Social History + Historical Sociology + Global Development), and work as Information Management Lead at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. I guess you can call me a Computational Sociologist of Global Development and Humanitarian Action. No less.

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