The Slow Lane: Why Quick Fixes Fail and How to Achieve Real Change

Sascha Haselmayer



Avoid the speed trap! Discover how changemakers can find lasting solutions to urgent social problems through a proven 5-step process for listening thoughtfully, building broad support, and exploring unconventional options.

Society celebrates leaders who promise fast, easy solutions to the world’s problems–but quick fixes are just mirages that fade, leaving us with the same broken systems. The truth is, effective social change happens through slow, intentional actions. The author, a globally acclaimed social entrepreneur, offers a 5-step process for taking the slow lane to change–the lane that gets you to the right place faster:

  • Listening–Listen to build trust, which can change hearts and minds and allow for something new to emerge.
  • Holding the urgency–Accept that even in moments of crisis you can move only at the speed of trust instead of rushing into action.
  • Sharing the agency–Create an inclusive environment where everyone can lead.
  • Healing democracy–Build bridges that allow marginalized people to participate.
  • Maintaining curiosity–Be inspired by nontraditional sources.

Using dozens of examples–prison reform in England, urban development in Venezuela, healthcare in the Navajo Nation, early childhood education in New York, and many more–The Slow Lane shows how, by following the principles taught in this book, readers can create lasting change.

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